Feb 10, 2013

Lawsuit against Aryeh Deri proceeds after initial response

About a month ago, Aryeh Deri was sued in beis din for his role in the passing of the Oslo Accords, and subsequently for responsibility in the murder of more than 1400 (the original summons said 1500) victims, and specifically n the murder of the family members of the person who filed the suit.

The lawsuit has progressed, sort of.

Deri did not show up to the beis din on the scheduled date. His secretary told the beis din that Deri would not be appearing before them, as they have no jurisdiction over him. As he was appointed by the Council of Torah Sages, only they have the ability to judge him.

While I am not sure what the relevance of who appointed him is to the issue of jurisdiction, usually the defendant has the right to select the beis din of his choice, rather than be forced to appear before the beis din selected by the plaintiff. So, he would have gotten out of that either way, though he should have had to redirect the case to a different beis din, one of his choosing.

After Deri's response, via his secretary, the beis din ruled that Deri should temporarily not be appointed to any position of leadership in government until the issue will be resolved in beis din. 2 additional weeks were given to Deri to respond to the suit against him.

(source: Srugim)

I expect Aryeh Deri to reject this, or perhaps ignore it is more accurate, the same way he rejected the first summons.

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