Feb 4, 2013

PSA: The "PLONI/T" Child Protection Center

Here is an opportunity to name The Bet Shemesh Child Protection Center after your beloved family member or other honoree.

Magen's Child Protection Center has already made our city much safer for all our children.

When Magen started, in 2010, Beit Shemesh had the lowest child abuse reporting statistics for any city in Israel. 

This indicated that most child abuse cases were not being reported, that victims lacked protection and treatment, and that perpetrators were freely operating without consequence.

In just two years, Magen has received reports of over one hundred (100) alleged child abusers and over two hundred (200) victims.
Magen coordinates closely with the community leadership, the social services and the police.

In 2011, after Magen's first year, child abuse reports to the authorities in Beit Shemesh increased by a remarkable 40%.

B"H, we are turning the corner on child abuse in our community. 

In order to continue this critical work, Magen needs your support.

Our office rental contract is up for renewal next month (March) - and unfortunately Magen does not have the funding for the full year.

In honour of the first party who is willing to fund the rent for this coming year ($16,000), Magen will name these offices after a person of the donor's choosing. 

In their zchut all of our children will be better protected from abuse.

If you would like further details, please call 02-9999.678 050 8489001, or davidm@magenprotects.org

Tizku Lemitzvos
David Morris - CEO
Hillel Abrahams - Chairman

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  1. What?!!

    One hundred child abusers in Beit Shemesh!!

    And that's just those that Magen knows about!

    Oy veh! Beit Shemesh sounds like Williamsburg NY.

  2. No Bet Shemesh is safer because magen knows who these people are and are taking precautions. In Williamsburg nobody knows who is evil and who not - how can you protect against a threat that apparently doesn't exist!
    We are much better off knowing!!!

  3. I was just reading that in Modiin Ilit residents are complaining that it has gotten so bad they are saying they are afraid to send their kids out. kids are being molested all the time, the askanim are doing nothing and the community is just worried about keeping things quiet and making sure nothing gets reported and therefore dealt with. A couple recent reports of kids around the age of 5 having been molested, and Bechadrei has an article about the increase in incidents and how people are so afraid.


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