Feb 4, 2013

Quote of the Day

today I am offering two quotes, both said anonymously by "senior people" involved in political parties.

The urine has gone to Lapid's head. He does not understand how to run negotiations, and his words about bringing Netanyahu down sound hallucinatory. he is convinced he is running the country. Tzippi Livni had 28 seats in the previous term, and she never spoke like that, while Lapid has just 19 seats...

  -- senior adviser to PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Shas thinks that we have a short memory. How short - that they will scream the nation is being torn apart and we will get confused and forget who is bringing us daily closer to being torn apart. Suddenly they remember that Bayit Yehudi people are religious like them, when during the election process they called us gentiles. Who are their goyim? Yoni Shedbon, a graduate of Yeshivat Har HaMor, who received honors from the Chief of Staff for evacuating the body of Roi Klein z"l under heavy fire? Roi Klein z"l who jumped on a grenade during the Second Lebanon War - he is a goy? Maybe the new MK Shuli Mualam, whose husband was killed in the helicopter tragedy, is a goy? where have the last traces of shame gone?
We will no longer be the Shabbos Goy of Shas and the Haredim. The Haredim do not hold a monopoly on Judaism and on the Torah world. If Shas has a monopoly, it is on making Judaism disgusting for the secular community, from  army draft to daylight savings time. Wherever it was possible to make Judaism disgusting, they did it. And they also related to the Zionist rabbis as if to insects, as not a single Zionist rabbi flourished under Shas. And today they are chasing after us to be the bridge for them to the government.

  -- senior member of HaBayit HaYehudi

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  1. Rafi,
    You left out the best part of the quote.
    And who are the ones talking about a rift in the nation? The ones who, during the Oslo process, ignored the demonstrations, our cries, of the religious Zionist public, and is now again at the head of Shas (a reference to Aryeh Deri – ed.)?"

    While we are talking about Sha$'s participation (many would say enablement) in Rabin's Oslo gov't, I note that Shas sat in the gov't with Shulamit Aloni and Yossi Sarid as Education Ministers - I let this fact speak for itself. Of course Shas would NEVER come out and admit any of this.

  2. What in the world does "The urine has gone to Lapid's head." mean?

  3. never heard that phrase before which is why it seemed so strange and unusual to me.. others seems to mean something to the effect of he has gone crazy

  4. It's a Hebrew phrase which means that he is drunk with hybris.

    As a gentile, I find it disgusting how you use "gentile" as a term of denigration. There are gentiles who serve in the army and give their life to protect Jews, did you forget that? Gentiles are human beings, just imagine.

  5. I apologize if you understood that from my words. I do not use the word "gentile" as derogatory. as a matter of fact, it is generally used in place of "goy" as that is the word that is considered derogatory, not gentile. In the context of the above quote, it was referring to something that was said by someone else in a way that was meant to be derogatory - but that was not my usage.

  6. Interesting comment from senior Bayit Yehudi that seems to centre around serving in the army being an important part of Jewish identity.

    FWIW, the national-religious are merely 20 years behind the kibbutz movement. They too, put much importance in serving in the military, and then receded. The national-religious are putting much emphasis on army. When an officer with lots of pins and gun accessories shows up to a yeshiva, he'll get much more attention than if some important rabbi shows up. In the past, we took for granted that majors and generals would follow through into politics, but we were disappointed time after time. Now the religious think that serving in the army is a good preparation for politics? That certainly will blow up in our face as well.


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