Feb 7, 2013

Quote of the Day

Better Place will change the world, despite hardships along the way.... What happened? this is a large start-up. and is changing the world. And there are hardships along the way. What - Microsoft did not release a version called Vista that was a failure? Apple and Google never missed deadlines? All this lack of patience drives away investors.

  --- senior people in Chevra l'Yisrael, the main investor in Better Place

this comes shortly after Better Place announced record sales in January of 102 cars, despite the poor showing in December of 2012 in which only 5 cars were sold.

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  1. The context of his comment isn't from them announcing that they are shutting down the US and Australia offices?

  2. no. this was from a separate interview in globes .
    also, that announcement was by better place . this was from chevra lyisrael.

  3. Idan Cohen's Israel Corp. is the biggest investor of Better Place.

    1. Sorry: Idan Ofer. Dan Cohen is the new CEO.


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