Aug 11, 2013

Thanksgivukah (audio)

with Thanksgiving coming out on Channukah this year.. this makes sense.. Thanksgivukah

from Rabbi David Paskin

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  1. "rabbi" David Paskin is a VERY nice guy, and talented educator. I know him personally.

    But, he ain't no rabbi.

    Please correct your post. I suggest at least putting rabbi in "quotes."

    P. S. Please consider an alternative to Live Bookmarks for following your posts. They're a pain in the neck, and just one more thing I have to deal with. Thanks. That's why I don't bother following posts, and have no clue if you or anyone else has replied to any of them.

  2. what are live bookmarks and what is wrong with them?

  3. OK. Let's start all over.

    How do you suggest I follow comments on one of your posts? How would I do that?

    In the past, I would have to answer that question. It would be obvious. Maybe I'm just an airhead, but please humor me.

  4. the only way I am aware of is by commenting with your google account and checking the box that offers to email to you follow-up comments.

    on this blog I get all comments emailed to me, but thats not helpful to you... :-)

  5. I'd love for that ability to be added as well because I do not use a google account. Rafi occasionally goes on a writing spree and other good posts go under the fold fast. Esser, 'we' recently added a 'latest comments' part on the right side of all pages so you can get a quick glance of latest activity.

    1. Okay. I am replying (commenting) via my google account. I just hope that there will be more comments, so that I can see if this works.

      Catriel Lev

  6. I also now see that there is a link to the right of the "Publish" and "Preview" buttons that let you subscribe to comments by email.

  7. Now I am commenting in the main comment area via my google account. I just hope that there will be more comments, so that I can see if this works.

  8. I never saw a box to check to get follow-up comments by Email, and I thought that the "subscribe by email" meant some kind of Email subscription to your blog!

  9. OK. Thanks for your patience. Let's check this out, because I do not recall seeing the check box.

    BTW, you sure have a lot of "stuff" on your site, so that it causes a lot of trauma for those of us with primitive computers.

    So, you please get rid of your "stuff," or by me a fancy computer? Thank-you.

    Oh, and, what say you re: my comments on David Paskin? (notice the absence of title)

    P. S. Nope, no check box. Just the post comments subscribe below which gives the option only for live book marks.

  10. OKAY. The "subscribe by Email" option DOES work to get Emails of the comments following yours on the blog.
    You learn something new every day! ;)

    Catriel Lev, Ramat Bet Shemesh Alef


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