Oct 7, 2013

Bet Shemesh elections guest post: you must not be afraid

A Guest Post by Rabbi Avrohom Leventhal of TOV

I spoke with many people over the last few days about the upcoming election. Most of them are residents of RBSA and are quite confused.

On one hand they know that there are serious issues and a need for change. Many of them believe that Eli Cohen and parties like TOV are a good prospect for such change.

And yet they are hesitant. What is the problem?


They are afraid of what their neighbors will say if they hang a banner for Eli or TOV. They are concerned about their children's schools if they come out in open support.

We are taught by the Mesilat Yesharim and other seforim that the only fear we should have is Yirat Shomayim. And yet the fear that many have is fear from other people.

I ask those who came on Aliyah to live Torat Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael: Is this what you came for? To live in fear of others even when you know you are doing what is right and what is best for you, your children and the future?

Do we want to raise our children with any fear other than fear of HaShem?

This election is not just another Israeli political circus. Looking around this may be difficult to believe.

Who takes control of our city will decide the future.

Will Bet Shemesh be a city that ALL Jews will feel comfortable in?

Will there be equality for segments of the population regardless of their affiliation?

Will the streets still be cleaned when elections are over.

Will children still remain in caravans while the leadership fights it out with special interests?

Will the people sitting in the Iryiah listen to me and my concerns?

Will Bet Shemesh be a Kiddush HaShem for the rest of Klal Yisrael or go further into infamy?

Every voter has the power to decide the answers to those questions on October 22nd. One can choose candidates based on fear. Or, you can choose the candidates who have a track record of professional management of national bodies and organizations. Candidates who have proven that they can, and will, work with and for all of the people.

You must not be afraid. Not of the neighbors, principals, shadchanim or any other person. They won't be with you in voting booth and will not know whose ballot you put in the envelopes.

With you in the voting booth, will be only HaShem and your hope.

Your hope for a bright future for your children. Your hope for good representation and true public servants.

The hope that Bet Shemesh will once again be a place that we are proud to call home.

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  1. why do so many people expect someone else, ie the 'government' to cater to every little thing? How many people are complaining about all of the trash that their kids probably threw on the ground? It's getting kind of old. I'm not against 'government' or that the government should be responsible for certain things, but I hear a lot of complaints by westerners who want every little thing catered to them. These are probably the same people who are too lazy to be parents and train their own children who are contributing to many of the issues in the community

  2. what exactly are you trying to say? that i shouldn't expect the city to clean the parks every once in a while because it may be my kid that is responsible for some of the litter?

  3. and what if i'm pretty sure that it's not my 12 year old that has been breaking whiskey and vodka bottles in the park for the past few years. should i not expect the city to clean up the glass from the park every year or two? or do i have to go and find out who's kid is doing it and get them to clean it up?
    and if that is the case, why don't we just stop paying arnona and everyone should clean up his own mess, remove his own trash, fix his own sidewalks?

  4. Please, cut the business of anonymous people afraid to talk.
    And folks, grow up.... The cleanliness level of our city is very reasonable. Sometimes it is a little cleaner and sometimes not (some places are cleaner and some not) but overall it is totally reasonable and is in par with other cities around the country.

    Whether you like it our not, we are in Israel, not Disneyland.

  5. jack, josh and dave,

    If you think that the level of cleanliness in the city is the best that could be- then vote for Abutbul.
    If you think that all buildings, lots and budgets are allocated according to fair criteria - then vote for Abutbul.
    If you think that all the children have adequate school buildings- then vote for Abutbul.
    If you think that it's great that after 5 years the city hall will "finally" hire an English speaker - then vote for Abutbul.
    If you think that you have someone that seriously listens to your concerns in the mayor's office- then vote for Abutbul.
    If you think that all the different groups in the city get along just great together and the mayor is doing a great job of promoting achdus and understanding between all parts of the city - then vote for Abutbul.
    If you think that there is no need for change or improvement - then vote for Abulbul.
    in short - If you think that Abutbul is a better mayor than Eli Cohen will be - then vote for Abutbul.

    But Rabbi Leventhal is talking about something else.
    He is saying that if you think that Eli Cohen will be a better mayor, and if you believe that there is a chance for improvement in the running of our city - then don't vote for Abutbul just because you are afraid.

  6. Emes in reporting.


  7. Rafi,

    If you think that that Beit Shemesh is not a better city today than it was 5 years ago.
    And if you think the mayor is not running the city more effectively than it was 5 years ago (ignoring the awards he has won).
    And if you think reducing the debt by 10's of millions of dollars is a small feat.
    and if you don't appreciate driving on highway 10 or shopping at the new malls or even the installation of that huge traffic circle which has made a world of difference.
    And if you think that the bad name that Beit Shemesh may have received because of the Orot school was the Mayor's fault and not the result of Dov Lipman running to the secular papers in and outside of Israel, completely disregarding halacha.
    and if you don't appreciate the tremendouds
    and if you think that Eli Cohen's vague non committal promises to "look into things" is going to make a difference
    and if you don't recognize that Eli Cohen has zero experience in running a city
    You should still vote for Mayor Abutbul and after the election (you can even start before) you can think about what the real, true, sole underlying reason that a few members of American Dati population is supporting Eli

    1. Jack - IYH tomorrow you will have my response

    2. this makes no sense.
      i do think that BS is not a better city than it was 5 years ago
      i do think that the mayor is not running the city effectively
      i do think that the bad name BS has is not because of Dov Lipman
      I do think that Eli Cohen will be a better mayor
      why should i still vote for Abutbul?

  8. why don't you tell us" the real, true, sole underlying reason that a few members of American Dati population is supporting Eli"?


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