Oct 6, 2013

Caption Contest: Moshe Abutbol ads about tzniyut

At first I saw this ad for Moshe Abutbol and it made me laugh, I just had to share it..

Different associations were racing through my mind, making me laugh, as I looked at this ad boasting his modesty.. one, and probably the most obvious, was "tzniyut - you wont see women in Bet Shemesh with Abutbol as mayor!"

and then I remembered one of the ads in his large series of ads in the local newspapers this past week:

in the top ad above he boats his modesty or humility. In the one from the newspaper he boats about being the best mayor ever in the history of Bet Shemesh..

sure sounds modest and humble to me...

I hereby open the top image for a caption contest!

1. tzniyut - you wont see women in Bet Shemesh with Abutbol as mayor!
2. tzniyut - the back of the bus, where it should be

keep em coming!
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  1. Brazen, shameless, bare naked pandering.

  2. What's the crossed-out word mean?

  3. Truth is the chareidim don't know the real meaning of the word 'tzniyus" - modesty, which also means to be shy, in fact to do the exact opposit of what they are doing. At the entrance to Yehuda Hanasi in Rama B, is this huge sign telling women to come in modest dress, big black letters - do me a favour it is the most immodest sign I have ever seen, and just above it, the apartment owner is hanging out washing with sheets, and proabably even underwear and whatever!

    1. if you saw them hanging undewear that would be one thing, but you cant assume it. maybe they hang their privates indoors or behind the sheets so they will remain unseen!


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