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Sep 1, 2014

will kapparos be banned completely this year?

The annual pre-Yom Kippur attack on the minhag of "Kapparos" is coming early this year..

Kikar is reporting that the Ministry of Agriculture is set to ban slaughter in the streets. Anybody who performs a shechita in the streets anyways, will have the rest of his chickens confiscated and will be fined to the tune of 730 NIS.

In Jerusalem the veterinary services have warned all the slaughterhouses and businesses that normally operate the kapparos centers around the city. They will not be allowed to bring the chickens/roosters/hens from the coop to the streets. They have to be brought from the coop to the slaughterhouses - straight.

One of the complaints against the new directive is that the Muslims are allowed to slaughter sheep on their holidays and nobody put an end to that, but they decide to suddenly ban and put an end to a Jewish customs hundreds of years old!.

The Ministry of Agriculture responded saying that they will soon issue instructions explaining how the minhag of kapparos can be performed according to all the relevant health standards and proper treatment of animals.

I wonder if the new directive only applies to slaughtering in the streets, or also on private property. Maybe they could use schools and shuls courtyards, or parking lots of buildings that are willing to allow it...  when they slaughter so many chickens in the street it always reminds me we live in the Middle East. Israel strives to be more like a developed Western country, but we are not that dissimilar from countries like Jordan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq and the like...

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  1. Wake up. Truth is, slowly they are trying to do away with anything that has to do with Jewish tradition and who knows if next, it will have to do with brit milah (like performing it only in hospitals). It's already like the European Union. One has to be unaware completely of what's happening in society if they don't see the radical difference since Oslo (20+ years ago).

  2. In my community, chances are it will be ignored. There is nobody to enforce it, so it will go on. Probably the same in the rest of the country. So there is nothing to worry about those who engage in this practice. I myself, do not engage in Kapparos with a chicken, Money, yes. The whole notion is not in the Torah and has pagan routes. Despite what anyone tells, it is a transference of a persons sin on an animal.

  3. The headline is misleading...there is no plan to ban it. If it is enforced, then people will adapt. If it is not enforced...then it is business as usual.

  4. it goes on in the streets of lakewood willi and boropark to

  5. Banning the slaughtering of the Kapparot on the street is different than banning Kapparot on the street.


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