Nov 22, 2016

baby born to chessed family

7 years ago I had to spend a Shabbos in Hadassa Hospital (Ein Kerem) in Jerusalem with a child. I then discovered an amazing chessed being performed, week in and week out, of a childless couple coming every Shabbos with a team and preparing food and serving to people who might be stuck in the hospital for Shabbos.

I remember at the time that I had asked how I could make a donation and they refused to give me any details and said this their chessed and what they do to help people who find themselves spending Shabbos in the hospital.

Rav Yitzchak and Sima Peretz, the people behind the weekly chessed at Hadassa Hospital, both 49 years old,finally, after 30 childless years of marriage, gave birth to a baby girl, their first child. The baby was born in Hadassa Hospital.
sources: Kikar, Behadrei

Mazal tov!

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