Nov 24, 2016

Cemetery Waze

It seems the Ministry of Religious Services is working on a project to make it a bit easier to locate graves a person might be looking for. they are calling it the Waze of cemeteries.

It seems that many cemeteries in Israel grow and change at a very rapid pace, and in just a short time it can be difficult to locate a grave, even if you used to know where it was, let alone if you weren't familiar with it in the first place.

This cemetery waze project would map out graves and direct you to the grave you are looking for.
source: Ynet

I think that is very cool. Unfortunately the article does not say when the project is expected to be ready to be launched.... I imagine such a project will take an awful lot of data entry, converting decades or even centuries of records from the various chevra kadisha organizations and digitizing them...

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  1. "You have reached your final destination"


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