Feb 1, 2017

Para Aduma found in Mexico

According to COLLive, a kosher para aduma has been discovered in Mexico..

A Chabad shliach in Mexico, looking for a farmer with which to make a deal to supply him with kosher milk, stumbled upon a red heifer. He claims it is kosher, but what are the chances he is an expert in determining that. Maybe it is or maybe it isn't.  I am sur eit was an exciting experience though.

The real question is, how Donald Trump's wall on the border with Mexico, and Netanyahu's now-strained relations with his Mexico due to his public support for Trump's wall, will affect the usability of this para aduma should it become necessary...

From the picture above - the ear tag might be a blemish, as well as the white spot on the forearm. At first I thought it might be a blemish of the photography, but it is in the other picture as well on COLLive...

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  1. even if it looks perfectly kosher, all the farmer needs to have done is to lean on it one time for a second it pasuls it

  2. A number have been found in recent years.


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