Jan 2, 2018

more Haredi female drivers

As I said yesterday, you can't hold a people down any longer. Not in today's day and age. The people determine what they need and no matter how much you try to suppress them, eventually they will ignore you and do what they think is best for improving their lives.

Another example of this comes to light today.

Despite the Haredi leadership being very against Haredi women driving over the years, according to the statistics compiled by the Israel Institute for Democracy, the percentage of Haredi women getting their drivers licences has increased dramatically by 8%.
source: Haredim10

Women want to study more and work more, both outside the communities. All this opens up more opportunities for them, and they want those opportunities. Driving gives them that access in a better way, instead of spending so many extra hours on public transportation. It is also a manifestation of the better lives they are leading, from a financial perspective - as they earn more money in better jobs, they can use that money for conveniences like cars.

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