Jan 3, 2018

Trumps tweets on Palestinians and Jerusalem

President Trump is always good for some entertaining, and sometimes shocking, tweets. Among the batch from last night (Israel time) are the following:
cutting aid to the Palestinians? I guess that is ok. Humanitarian aid should, of course be continued, but if a country is not aligned with what the benefactor country wants them to do, the benefactor can cut the foreign aid funneled to them. If they wont even sit to talk with the Israelis, they won't be getting that State they want...

Trump says he took Jerusalem off the table? He did? When he declared recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel he specifically said he is not taking it off the table and the two sides have to work out specific borders together between them. So which is it?

Israel would have had to pay more because of Jerusalem being off the table? I guess it is good the Palestinians are refusing to negotiate, but I guess it is true that Trump's declaration was not purely an internal US issue and Israel would have had to pay for it somewhere. It does not minimize the grandness or "historicness" of the declaration, but it does temper it a bit.

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1 comment:

  1. In the past, US presidents would really watch their speech, choosing words carefully since they all accepted that what they said had real impact. Trump though has introduced that in his tweets and speeches he can say anything he wants informally and also add fruedian slips (like this new Israel pay more) and it might not necessarily mean some official policy.


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