Jun 13, 2019

Israel the healthiest country?

I have no idea how accurate such research can be, because I dont know how accurate a definition of "healthiest diet" can be... and because scientists and doctors are regularly changing their determinations of what is considered healthy and what is considered not healthy. There are also so many other factors that go into health besides for just the food intake - such as fitness, air pollution, smoking, etc..

But still.... Globes is reporting that a recent study has shown that in the entire world, the Israeli diet is considered the healthiest. Meaning, Israelis have the fewest "diet-related" deaths of all the countries in the world!

Way to go!

Now let me go get that decadent hamburger topped with entrecote strips, carmelized onions and a fried egg with aoili sauce along with a big bucket of onion rings on the side that I have been waiting for...

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1 comment:

  1. As you said, it is really hard to know what is healthy today and it will probably change in few years. But still good to know ��


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