Jan 26, 2020

Quote of the Day

It is a shame that the head of a transitional government continues to disgrace the Knesset and the democratic regime and refuses to allow even his own people to participate in the discussion about his request for immunity - an immunity request that he himself initiated and requested in order to avoid standing judgement. Netanyahu requested an immunity discussion - Netanyahu will get it.

  -- Kachol Lavan spokesperson

I agree 100%. Netanyahu requested immunity. He and the Likud have no business acting upset that the Knesset is set to follow procedure and discuss, and decide upon, his request for immunity.

Kachol Lavan put out this statement in response to MK Miki Zohar of the Likud announcing "The coalition members will not participate in the plenum discussions regarding establishment of the Knesset Committee [to discuss immunity]. The Opposition is acting in a disgraceful manner via a majority that just happened to get via Kachol Lavan. Their behavior is against all rules since the establishment of the Knesset and this is not our way. We will not take part, and we will not cooperate, in their election campaign."

a majority they happened to achieve? Isnt that how the Knesset works? Votes go by a majority. Sometimes you achieve your majority and vote what you want in, and sometimes you don't? what does this even mean - a majority they just happened to achieve, as if that is not good enough or how the system always works?

Disgraceful? against the rules of the Knesset? Netanyahu requested immunity and they are working to establish the committee that is meant to deal with that request. What is against all the rules of the Knesset?

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