Sep 14, 2020

descending into chaos

Following a bunch of groups, everybody has witty and smartelecky ways around the lockdown. No shul? just call it a protest (I personally am tired of this joke already - people have been saying ti since April and each time they make it sound like they just thought of it themselves). No guests? have guests and when they leave they can say they are going to essential work. No being outside? Just say you are exercising.

Now I am not one to tell anyone what to do. You want to break a law? gei gezunteheit (as long as you aren't endangering others), just be willing to pay the price if caught.

I get that everyone is frustrated with the government's craziness. Nobody wants to follow the lockdown rules because the government has been ineffective and nonsensical in the guidelines they have been  setting and changing, and no Israeli wants to be the only freier keeping the rules. We also all think we know better, we know more, and even if we don't we all have a good enough gemarakop to outsmart Corona, or at least the cops.

But that is exactly why we are in this mess.

if we don't play along, it will just go on for longer. So please play along.

We have a basic more in our religion - if not for the government, bad as it may be, there would be total chaos in society. Pirkei Avos says, each person would consume the next. Government may be bad and ineffective, but if you don't follow its authority we have a breakdown of society.

With more and more groups instructing followers to ignore the rules of the impending lockdown, this is what we face. And when we hit the other side and see that nothing improved we will say "I told you so" even though nothing improved because we refused to play along.

Please play along as much as possible, and let's get this over with. Before we make the full descent into chaos.

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  1. Your request is based on the assumption that these lockdown rules work. People who disagree with that will not follow the rules. Additionally, even people who believe lockdowns work, may choose to break the rules since they have other priorities.

  2. my request is not based on the belief the rules work. It is based on the fact that there is a lockdown and if there is mass ignoring of the laws, the government will blame the people and we wont come out of the lockdown in a timely fashion. they'll extend it and make it harsher. If we follow the rules and it doesnt work, the government will have to come up with a different approach.


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