Sep 14, 2020

Lockdown Regulations

The rules of the upcoming lockdown are somewhat complicated, and not necessarily logical.

Here are the main points in simple English:

1. businesses that have no contact with the public and are working in essential fields can stay open

2. businesses that are on contact with people, such as commerce, swimming pools, gyms, tourism, recreation, restaurants etc must close. Such businesses that deal with essential services (eg home maintenance, communication products, medical, hygiene, etc) can stay open. 
Businesses can stay open and do business by delivery, not receiving the public.

3. you must stay within 500 meters of your home, except for situations of essential needs
Individual sport (eg running, jogging, walking) is allowed, though it is unclear whether this is limited to within 500 meters of house or not.

4. special ed will stay open, but in general education institutions will be closed. There could be some exceptions to this

5. gatherings are limited to maximum of 10 people in a closed space, and 20 in an open space in "red" areas of the traffic light model

6. minyanim can operate in open areas with groups/capsules of up to 20 people.

7. shuls can operate indoors with some complicated rules
in red areas: groups of up to 10 people indoors but it actually depends on how many entrances the shul has. Each of the first two entrances of a shul can allow up to 3 groups each. If a shul has more than 2 entrances, the additional entrances will allow two additional groups each. The ration of space must keep 4m of space available for each person.
So, in a 250sm shul with 2 entrances, there can be 6 groups of 10 people each totaling 60 people davening. If it has 3 entrances 80 people are allowed (space permitting).
Shuls that are larger can have more.

in "not red" areas:
groups can hold up to 25 people
Each entrance to the shul allows double the number of groups, maintaining the ratio of 4sm per person

Public Transportation:
public transportation will be limited, but it has not yet been finalized as to how limited

has not yet been decided whether the airport will remain open and functioning or not.

These rules seem set and not likely to change, but really anything can happen between now and Friday.

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