Sep 3, 2020

I should have gone to Tel Aviv today!

According to the Jerusalem Post, hundreds of bags of cannabis, aka weed, aka marijuana, were dropped in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv today by a drone.

Obviously pedestrians in the area rushed to grab as many as possible as quickly as possible.

the question is, were they grabbing the bags to use for themselves or to sell?

The event was announced in advance on the group's Telegram group. They say this rain of cannabis will happen every week each time to a different place in the country, each time with 1kg of cannabis divided up into 2 gram bags.

Police say they have arrested two suspects. While I think use of cannabis has been decriminalized, distribution has not.

With a full lockdown/closure imminent (already approved for Monday in "red cities"), they should at least drop some of this green rain over us in Bet Shemesh...

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