Sep 3, 2020

we already can't get enough of the UAE

When I heard that a couple, a Haredi couple with a baby, had been chosen by WZO (the World Zionist Organization) to be emissaries in the United Arab Amirates, my curiosity was piqued. Not about the identity of the emissaries, but about to need for an emissary at all in a country that has a tiny Jewish community entirely made up of businessmen who have transplanted to the UAE. There are no actual local Jews (that I know of) to be reached out to. But for the few local transplants, plus more that might go to the UAE in the coming years, it seemed an emissary was deemed necessary.

Israel is infatuated with the UAE right now.

Anyway, Yanky and Zlotty Eisenstein will run a local nursery school for kids and give shiruim and lectures to the Jewish community and teach about Jewish tradition. They will open an ulpan to teach Hebrew and will be involved in organizing community events especially around the Jewish holidays.

The Eisensteins will be going almost immediately to begin their work and will already be in place for the upcoming Tishrei holiday season.
source: Kikar


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