Sep 14, 2020

No Entry To Chassidim!

I saw this a couple of days ago and decided to just ignore it. 

A restaurant in Ukraine, in Uman, hung the following sign on its storefront window:

The sign declares no entry to Chassidim. The proprietor claims it is not anti-semitism but because of CoronaVirus, as you can also see on the sign.

So initially I decided to ignore it. At the end of the day it is just boring old classic anti-semitism. No dogs or Jews served here. Jews/chassidim spread disease. etc. Go complain to the ADL. Anti-Semites exist and there is nothing interesting about them.

Since then though my mind keeps wandering back to it. 

I find it intriguing because if this is not a Jewish restaurant but a Ukranian restaurant, how many of the Breslav pilgrims to Uman are going to this treif restaurant to eat that they need to post a sign "no entry to Chassidim"? 

With almost no customers from among the Chassidim, there really is no need for this sign. It is more than basic boring anti-semitism. It is active interesting anti-semitism. They went out of their way to make an unnecessary statement. They arent protecting themselves because the "plague-spreading chassidim" arent going there anyway. They are going out of their way to show their anti-semitism.

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  1. The sign declares No Entry To Chassidim

    Maybe the restaurant is run by Misnagdim?

  2. The anti-semitism you should be covering is the State of Israel's. They have been running an all-out propaganda war against the people coming to Uman in the local press. Meanwhile, they have been working SO hard to let thousands of secular Israelis into 'green zone' Greece for Rosh Hashana, and Gamzu didn't send any letter telling Greek authorities that those Israelis will spread COVID throughout the country, as he did with the Ukraine. Is the anti-semitism less or more interesting to you, when it's been perpetrated by the State of Israel and it's politicians and bureaucrats?

    1. If Israel is so bad, I guess you're in the right place for Rosh HaShana, and the rest of the year.

    2. The author's blog is a good place to start to see how deep the madness runs.


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