Sep 14, 2020

I admire their faith

The Breslavers working to go to Uman despite the pandemic and all the challenges that come along with it (such as closed borders) has really been an interesting ordeal and a real curiosity.

As weird as the whole scene is, I admire their level of faith and determination. I am not sure what the faith is in, Rebbe Nachman or God or something else, but they believe in something so powerfully they are willing to put themselves on the line to go to Uman to daven near Rebbe Nachman's grave. Some have been sitting in fields and forests for days or weeks trying to sneak over the border, trying to swim through rapdi rivers across borders undetected. Some have sat in jail for their attempts. Bribes have been offered. Some take flights to various countries to try to get in to Uman in a roundabout way and they know the chances are high they will get turned around and sent back. They are very determined and they have total faith that this is what they need to do.

I might not agree with them, but I admire their faith.

I also admire the people who tell us exactly what God wants at this time. Why God sent the pandemic. What God wants us to change. Who God is showing that God is really the boss rather than this leader or that leader. I don't know if they are right or wrong, but I admire the faith they have and the belief they have that they know exactly what God is thinking and doing and planning for us. 


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  1. I could be wrong, but it seems what you mean when you say that you "admire their faith" is that you admire their commitment and ability to accept the consequences of their faith even when difficult.

    L'havdil, isn't there a long list of the faithful in all sorts of beliefs, be they racist, political, economic, etc.

    If doesn't seem to be such a rare phenomenon to have strong faith in something and commit to it.

  2. not sure about rare, but I am pretty sure most people facing a seemingly impossible task would not even make the attempt. Many Breslavers have not gone on this ridiculous attempt top sneak into a country with closed borders that could keep them away from their families for weeks or more, could land them in jail or find themselves in all sorts of perilous situations, for example. Many of us have faith but when the going gets tough we act rationally rather than on that faith. They believe in not giving up, they believe Rebbe Nachman will get them in, and they are willing to put themselves through all this craziness just because of that faith

  3. I’d appreciate a reasoned write up of the halachic reasoning behind the decision to try to go


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