Sep 14, 2020

Quote of the Day

We cannot allow the draft law to be taken hostage. I truly hope that the courts will not accept the request to postpone the law but that the court will instruct the Knesset and Minister of Defense to act now. We cannot leave this issue with a question mark..

  -- Minister Aryeh Deri

Recent reports suggest that the draft law is technically ready, or just about ready, written to the liking of the Haredi parties, but different politicians are asking the courts to allow it to be postponed, each for his own reasons. The strongest (suspected) is that of Minister of Defense Benny Gantz who might be "holding it hostage" and obtain a postponement so that he can keep the Haredi parties in line to make him prime minister when his turn comes in exchange for passage of the law.

This unity government is strange in that no party trusts the other to keep its end of the deal. Each one is trying to hold something over the other to keep them in line. We saw it with the budget, now with the draft, there were attempts with other laws as well...

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