Mar 25, 2009

buying a shul name on eBay

Every shul, pretty much, wants to "sell the name". Shuls put out beautiful brochures and have campaigns to try to locate the person who might just do it...

One shul in Israel has taken a new approach and is trying to "sell the name" on eBay! For a starting bid of only $600,000 you can sponsor a shul in Givat Shmuel, Israel. It seems that not too many people are interested, as he still has 0 bids... hatzlacha to them.

If you want to go cheaper, there is a shul in Montreal selling its name on eBay and the "Buy it Now" price is only $25,000... hatzlacha to them too...

1 comment:

  1. And here I am, in Montreal, trying to figure out what shul this could possibly be...though I like the fact that if you win the bid, it is a "pick-up only" in Champlain, NY.


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