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Nov 29, 2010

Interesting Psak: Medical Marijuana

The rav of Mazkeret Batya, Rav Ephraim Zalmanovitz, has issued a psak halacha that doctors have a mitzva to authorize the use of medical marijuana for sick patients who are in pain.

Rav Zalmanovitz said that he was first exposed to the great need when his mother was sick with serious pains. After that he became aware of the great suffering being endured by many sick people.

Where does one sign up?


  1. You want to sign up to be a sick patient in a lot of pain?

  2. nope. just want the marijuana

  3. The ban on medical marijuana has always seemed bizarre to me. The are far more potent and addictive drugs (morphine, codeine, e.g.)routinely given patients every day to manage pain.

  4. So where does one go to sign up? really. Does anyone know where to go and what is the process?

  5. the article I read made it seem sort of complicated. I have to look for it again. You had to get an ishur from your doctor, then take that ishur to some top doctor in one of the Tel Aviv hospitals (dont remember if it was Beilinson or Ichilov or a different one), and then if he decides you need it he signs off on the marijuana

  6. sorry, its Abarbanel hospital. details of how to get an ishur can be found here:


  7. A friend has been getting medical marijuana for a while now. The hospital he visits is unfortunately a mental institute although his prescription is for pain relief. Not pleasant


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