Sep 6, 2011

Cat On Today's Knesset Menu

I remember the stories from my yeshiva days. These stories were told about just about every yeshiva that was yeshivishe with a strong reputation. It was almost like a yeshiva was not serious unless a story like this was told about it. The cat that was found in the cholent pot. I remember specifically such stories being told about Lakewood East (when it was on Sorotzkin) and the Mir, and I have vague recollections of similar stories about other yeshivas. The bows waking up Shabbos morning to discover a cat floating in the cholent pot.


Now the Knesset has turned super-yeshivish. Yesterday a cat was found dead in a pot of food in the cafeteria kitchen. It does not say what the pot of food was, but clearly it had to be cholent. That is the only way the story works.

Actually, it seems the pot was an empty pot and they discovered the dead cat when they were preparing to cook a pot of soup.

Of course, the Knesset mashgiach had to have the kitchen cleaned and the pot kashered. I assume the leebun was to get rid of any disgusting germs rather than any kashrus problems, if the pot was really empty and not used.

The Knesset is launching an investigation and expects the company that runs the cafeteria to provide answers as to how this happened, how the cat got in and how it got into the kitchen.

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