Nov 8, 2012

Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger On Obama's Win

Let us close the week with these encouraging words from Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger about the results of the US elections.

The Chief Rabbi said that "while it seems to us that not changing the leader in America would be, God forbid, bad for us, that is not so true. We need to look at the world through the eyes of faith.... everything God does is for the good... I heard Rav Elyashiv vall America the "malchus of chessed - the kingdom of kindness. We know the hearts of kings and ministers are in the hands of God. It is not so clear cut who is good for the Jews and who is not.... I hope that now that these elections are over [Obama] will have more courage to release Jonathan Pollard. I have more than hope that he will quickly be released during this term."
(source: Srugim)

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