Nov 8, 2012

Headline of the Day

Olmert: Time running out for peace deal

  -- YnetNews

I have lost count. Please, someone, remind me how many times this has been said in the past 15 years, since Oslo...

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  1. I heard the comment on the Radio this morning - Olmert saying that we have to make peace within the next 4 years based on a 2 state solution.

    I was wondering if he was cleaning out his desk before his next trial and was rerunning some of his old speeches.

    After all, if a process based on unrealistic time constraints and commitment in advance to give the PA everything they want has lead to bloodshed, disappointment, and war in the past, the only think that makes sense is to try it again - right?

  2. In answer to your question, I could paraphrase Fred and George Weasley's repartee:

    Fred: "Oh yeah, now you mention it, I think I did hear someone say that."
    George: "Once or twice..."
    Fred: "... a minute..."
    George: "... for the last 18 years."

  3. There is something very mysterious with people still on the concept of pushing 'piece' on us. It is evident that we have one the last Oslo War. The building of the separation barrier physically might have stopped some suicide bombers, but psychologically, it was the nuclear bomb destroying any PA arab dream of the one-state solution. Instead of settlers fencing themselves off, here the State of Israel fenced them off. They now claim they live in large jail - and good for them, they deserved it for supporting the massacre of Jews - our parents, siblings, friends, old, young, and babies too. Granted that, I think that kicking Jews out of Gush Katif should not have been done.

    So the PA arabs are in despair, and really don't see how they can kickstart any intifada again to beat us. We are keeping the PLO around by still propping up its corrupt leadership. We are scared of Hamas for some reason, yet our presence in Yehuda and Shomron is the decisive factor of staying in control. It is fairly easy for the army to travel where it wants and for the Shabak to meet informers. yes, this situation can stay forever. PA births are dropping, and they are also leaving for overseas. We have peace now. Peace involves the reduction of urge to fight.

    So why is there a need to push a piece plan now? What are people like Olmert scared of? or what are people like Olmert really thinking?


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