Nov 1, 2012

Interesting Posts #421

1. The shimmer and awe of Israel

2. Response to Rav Hershkowitz

3. Because it's a duty

4. The final push of Ethiopian aliyah

5. A bird in the hand

6. The making of a presidents, the making of a gadol

7. Something's wrong with this picture of Jaffa Gate

8. Gates Of Jerusalem Old City

9. More Jews are ascending Har HaBayit and more are noticing

10. That's Jewish Food!

11. Jerusalem Eateries challenging the Rabbanut - while it is true that claiming kosher status without a teuda is illegal, I find it a bit humorous that the main focus is on the illegality of the issue, which is something they should just call the police for (or whatever authority deals with that), rather than respond to, and deal with, the actual concerns of the restaurant owners that is behind this "revolt".. and I find the comments on this piece particularly interesting. Fairly unusual for the JKN site..

12. Shocking IDF Uniforms that trump any Haloween costume

13. Are walls to protect ignorance?

14. Religious Puzzle

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  1. Best Post of the day by far:

    Newsflash: Chief Rabbi Slams "bug-free" Vegetables!


  2. Thank you for the links to my posts. Sending Shabbat Shalom to all


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