Nov 4, 2012

Interesting Posts #422

1. A way to let go

2. Mashiv, Morid - Moisture, Monsoon - makes me think of the story of Choni HaMe'agel..

3. Kiruv, and its affects on Har Nof

4. Ask the Knesset member, in English

5. The theology of Sandy

6. A Long Island rabbi's response to Sandy

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  1. vey strange but they work from the main site, but they dont seem to be working when only on the url of this specific post.
    what browser are you using? I am using chrome and I have seen this on ocassion before. I'll check it in FF and IE, but I dont know how to fix it. it might be a blogger bug or maybe a chrome bug, etc

  2. after I posted that comment, the links now work for me in chrome as well. strange

  3. I think I fixed it. please try again. I found some code that was trying to place something where the text should be, so it was covering those links.

  4. "Kiruv" and its Effects on Har Nof ??

    why is this a kiruv issue? is it really the BTs getting down in the park, or the orthodox kids from the US?


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