Nov 13, 2012

Is UTJ Pulling Its Support Of Moshe Abutbol?

Mayor of Bet Shemesh Moshe Abutbol continues to get hit from all sides and directions. The other day he was attacked by the extremist haredi elements, whom in the past he has supported much more than any previous mayor has. Prior to that he has been under attack from the Dati Leumi, and moderate haredi communities, as well as from various factions from within the original "Gush HaChevrati" from which he originally drew his support.

And now, even UTJ is sending signals that they might withdraw support. Bechadrei, reporting from the "Kenes Nivcharim" held at Nir Etzion of haredi parties and askanim in pre-election mode, there to strategize and discuss the relevant issues, qquotes MK Moshe Gafni (UTJ) who said, "We supported Moshe Abutbol for one term as mayor of Bet Shemesh. We have not yet decided what will be for the next term."

Gafni did not say they will not support Abutbol. He did send a message that the entire situation is open for discussion. They may not support Abutbol, or maybe they will, but Abutbol cannot think he has UTJ in his pocket. At least not right now.

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