Nov 6, 2012

Mordechai Ben David (MBD) Asks For YOUR Help To Rebuild Seagate (video)

I find it interesting that MBD ascribes some sort of mystical protection to the fact that the pictures of the rebbes were not touched by the water, yet shortly after they talk about tallis and teffilin of people that were destroyed by the water. Are the pictures more holy, and therefore get more protection, than the tefillin?

Anyway, people in the area are in great need right now...

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  1. It's not just interesting, it's perverse. In addition to what you mentioned lives, homes, thousands of seforim, and even some sifrei Torah were destroyed, but God saved some stupid pictures of a dead rabbi????

    Also, his shameless politicization was uncalled for and inaccurate. Obama didn't come to New York because Bloomberg told him to stay away.

    This shouldn't detract, however, from the scenes of destruction that were captured and the good work the Shomrim (and so many others, Jew and non-Jew) are doing.

  2. so who needs insurance? install a few pictures of rebbes in the house in the right places and zeh hu.

  3. Im Kvar, you might as well put those pictures on the beach. Oh wait, that would be a separate problem.....


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