Aug 12, 2013

Picture of the Day

I debated between these two pictures. Let's call it a tie:

both photos by Yaakov Lederman

these photos are of the protests by Asra Kadisha supporters at the Goloventzitz plot in Bet Shemesh. Construction began today, so the protests did as well. There is an argument among organizations whether there is a problem of Jewish graves on this site. The Asra Kadisha claims there are Jewish graves and construction cannot begin, while Eretz Chaim claims there is no problem. Among the Eida rabbonim there is a divide on this issue - Rav Shterbuch supports Eretz Chaim's position, while Rav Tuvia Weiss supports the Asra's position. After many delays and much frustration, buyers decided to rely on Eretz Chaim's position and authorize them to supervise the construction. Despite that, Asra people came out to protest.

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  1. Of course they did. They come and protest and disturb the construction, until the contractors and the owners make a deal with them and pay them off to leave them alone.
    That is how they fund all of their activities.

  2. I've got news for you. Both Rav Sternbuch and Rav Weiss could announce there's no problem. Chareidim only listen to "Daas Torah" when it agrees with what they want.

  3. Remembering Amalek this coming shabbos before a leap year who and what to have in mmind?


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