Aug 12, 2013

A mystical cat is forgiven

A mysterious cat appeared yesterday in the beis medrash of Yeshivat HaMekubalim, headed by Rav Dovid Batzri, in Jerusalem.

It wandered in and then made itself comfortable on the "Kisei shel Eliyahu" at the front of the beis medrash, and it snuggled up against a sefer that was on the chair - a volume of Yalkut Yosef, written by the Chief Rabbi of Israel Yitzchak Yosef.

After a number of failed attempts to chase it out, one of the avreichim approached the cat and said 3 times "you are forgiven". The cat then left the beis medrash.

Avreichim said this "warning sign" happened because the yeshiva recently decided to shut the beis medrash at 10 PM every night, due to a shortage of funds, causing much bittul torah.
(source: Kooker)

Usually such stories are attributed to the animal being a reincarnation that needed forgiveness for a previous sin or failing. They took it to indicate a shortage in their learning hours due to the beis medrash being closed at night earlier than before.

I would guess that the cat left the yeshiva and made its way over to the Gerrer yeshiva beis medrash. It was announced yesterday that the Gerrer Rebbe and his advisers have decided to shut the beis medrash at 9:30 PM now so that the students will not stay up too late learning and will instead get a good nights sleep. Good move or not, I do not know, but I am impressed that they think the only reason students stay up late at night is for learning, and not talking in the dorm or hanging out, reading or whatever...

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  1. Are they saving funds with shutting off the fluorescent lights?

  2. maybe add to that the air conditioning, and maybe they had to pay the avreichim extra for learning late (dont know, just maybe)

  3. הלכות עבודה זרה פרק יא:ד
    אין מנחשין כגויים, שנאמר "לא תנחשו" (ויקרא יט,כו). כיצד הוא הניחוש: כגון אלו שאומרין הואיל ונפלה פיתי מפי, או נפל מקלי מידי, איני הולך למקום פלוני היום, שאם אלך אין חפציי נעשין; הואיל ועבר שועל מימיני, איני יוצא מפתח ביתי היום, שאם יצאתי, יפגעני אדם רמאי. וכן אלו ששומעין צפצוף העופות ואומרין יהיה כך ולא יהיה כך, טוב לעשות דבר פלוני ורע לעשות דבר פלוני


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