Mar 2, 2017

Haredim for sale

Without understanding everything mentioned or the missing background to it, this article based on the authors doctoral work has some interesting points. Whether his conclusions are accurate or not I don't know, but that is besides the point.

Based on studies and analysis into the numbers of Haredim going to acquire a higher education for a more successful entry into the workforce, the author has found that Haredim joining the workforce with academic degrees earn 80% more than Haredim in the workforce without academic degrees - and, Haredim with academic degrees enter the workforce at the same percentages as from among the general sector.

The proposal being that acquiring an academic degree for Haredim should be encouraged and promoted in order to achieve higher percentages joining the workforce, and doing so successfully, studies have shown that Haredim with a weaker societal identity as Haredim need less monetary encouragement to decide to study for academic degrees while those who have stronger Haredi identities require much higher monetary stimuli to go for academic education. Basically the study shows that a subsidy of 100,000nis (spread over 3 years) to each Haredi student would increase the number of Haredi students by 3000 consistently. Each student is evaluated, on average, to put 1.5million nis back into the market once in the workforce.

The point being, invest in Haredim by giving large subsidies to encourage them to go study for a degree and it will help the workforce significantly more and prove worthwhile, and will be more successful than the bartering with the meager subsidies giving to yeshivas(I.e. trying to push students into academic studies by lowering the subsidies to yeshivas is far less effective than giving strong subsidies to Haredim who go to study for a degree).

Is he right or wrong? I dont know. He does seem to be saying though that Haredim are ideologically strong, unless you offer them a lot of money to buck the system.

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  1. In the US communities experimented with paying poor kids to attend school as an incentive. It largely was abandoned, because it was too little money but more for social/cultural impediments that cannot be overcome with a few dollars. I suspect the proposal if implemented will fail among haredim for the same reasons, but worse, will contribute to the social/culture divide in the country. The concept is distasteful all around anyway.

    1. Its not social / cultural impediment, as much as no home / family support.

      Mark zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) donated $100 million to Newark, NJ school system to O provide such support. It turned out to be a complete flop / waste of money. (Despite fiscal controls.)

    2. Or IQ problems, but we're not supposed to discuss those.


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