Mar 2, 2017

Hotels threaten to leave the Rabbanut

In a dramatic statement, the union of hotels in Israel has made an announcement that they are considering switching from kashrut supervision under the authority of the Rabbanut to kashrut supervision under the authority of Tzohar.

The Rabbanut has announced they are considering calling for an investigation, as it is illegal to obtain kasrut certification with any organization other than the Rabbanut.

Tzohar says they have nothing to do with the hotel unions announcement and have not opened a kashrut division and will not do so as long as it is illegal.
source: Kipa

1. being that Tzohar does not have a kashrut division, what are the hoteliers threatening to do? are they trying to encourage Tzohar, by promising Tzohar a lot of business to make it worthwhile, to open one and then they'll switch?

2. is it illegal to say one is considering switching? it is illegal to state kashrut without the rabbanut. Have they done that? what would the Rabbanut have them investigated for?

3. why does Tzohar not have a kashut division? what does it mean they won't open one as long as it is illegal? There are a dozen, or more, Badatzim out there and they are not illegal because they are providing a service using the backbone of the Rabbanut - Tzohar could do the same.

4. If the hotel union wanted to levy a threat, they would do better using a kashrut organization that already exists and has as its stated goal the breaking of the Rabbanut kashrut monopoly - like Hashgacha Pratit of Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz.

5. the hotel union has been in a long fight with the Rabbanut about the expense of their kashrut supervision. They took the Rabbanut to court and, while they lost the case, the courts gave the Rabbanut a period of two years to rework their system and come up with solutions. They recently reopened the case to a broader panel of judges to revaluate the Rabbanut's monopoly. This is another stage in that fight.

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1 comment:

  1. All the badatzim claim to be more machmir than the Rabbanut. I suppose Tzohar's whole claim would be to be *less* machmir, in which case there'd be no point to add a service to the Rabbanut's "backbone" as you put it. Hashgacha Pratit davka *doesn't* use the Rabbanut.


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