Mar 5, 2017

increased yeshiva students means increased budgets

According to Walla News, the Haredi parties in Knesset succeeded in getting more budget monies for the yeshiva systems, to a tune of an additional 52.5million nis, for the coming two years. The Haredi MKs explain that this is an adjustment and not new budgets - it is to take into account new students that were not included in the previous budget arrangements because they advanced into the yeshiva system at the end of the secular year after the previous budgets had already been set.

The explanation makes sense, but the system does not.

Instead of allotting x money for the yeshiva system based on the number of students, which will make for an outdated agreement about 5 minutes after it is signed, why not allot x money per student, with perhaps defining specific dates for official recounts, and then when new students graduate into or out of the yeshiva system, the total sum to be given is easily adjusted without requiring negotiating and bartering and playing politics?

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