Mar 5, 2017

Interesting Psak: contacting the police

Rav Mordechai Zilbershlag, a rav in Bnei Braq, has put out an interesting psak that calls on people to use their influence, and even contact the police if necessary to put an end to the use of fireworks and explosives during the Purim time period.

These explosives cause a lot of damage and present a great danger to many people. While campaigns in past years have succeeded in many of the youth staying away from such things, there are still those "on the edge" of the community who get involved in these things.

So, Rav Zillbershlag posted a letter in which he calls this "not standing idly by the blood of one's brother" - "lo taamod al dam reiacha" and each person is obligated to prevent his children from using these explosives, and if one sees other children doing so he should warn them and do what he can to prevent it, and even turn them into the police.
source: Kikar

very important statement. the fireworks and explosives do cause much damage. every year after Purim we have to read about kids that lost fingers or eyes as a result of explosives that went wrong. I wonder though what makes these fireworks and explosive toys any different than child molesters in this regard - he does not even suggest going to a rabbi first regarding the explosives....

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  1. I haven't heard any firecrackers this year. It's been a nice change.

  2. Each and every holiday in Jrsm one hears fireworks in town center. Call the police and complain, better chance with a msg in the Wall as the police do absolutely nothing.


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