Sep 13, 2017

Guetta resigning over scandal of homosexual nephew's wedding attendance

I am impressed with, and sad because of, Yigal Guetta's announcement that he is resigning from the Knesset.

I am impressed with his announcement because it deserves respect. He is resigning because of a personal "scandal" in which he did nothing wrong but publicize some behavior not consistent with the party he represents. He chose to resign from the Knesset instead of sell out his family. He deserves respect for this decision.

On the other hand,, it is a sad day that he is resigning. Guetta was a good politician for the people he represented. he was loyal to his party and to the people who brought him into politics. While he was a bit of a bully and a bulldog to protect his "masters", he was also entertaining and seemed pretty straight. His resignation is a sad day for the Knesset.

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