Sep 14, 2017

the Jewish judge

A lawsuit in Haifa ran into some scheduling problems when a date was set for deliberation. One of the lawyers requested the deliberation be postponed due to the fact that that day, last week Monday, would be 30 days form the birth of his first child -a son. That day he will be busy fulfilling his obligation of pidyon haben, redeeming the firstborn son.

The judge responded that because the mitzva needs to be performed on the day required by the torah, but I, the judge, am a kohen and am prepared redeem the baby for the father thus allowing him to perform the mitzva without any need for delaying the deliberations. The judge expressed some concern about the possibility that the father might "abandon" the child and not redeem him from the kohen, but he dismisses that concern. He then agreed to delay the deliberation by a few days..
source: Bahdrei

not something you expect to read about or experience in the secular court system...

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