May 8, 2018

arrested with 11kg of cocaine in his tefillin bag (video)

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  1. Ridiculous! It is impossible to put 11kg of cocaine in a tefillin bag.

    1. According to other reports, the cocaine was hidden throughout the bag, including in the Tefillin bag - it wasn't all in one place.

    2. I know - but that is not what the headline says.


  2. Why were the media outlets covering up the name?
    Answer:'twas two-fold
    His "special mishpacha" rather have the atmosphere against them lessened through having the bad feelings smeared all around ( including possibly even immediate calls for the MK to step down)

    The media outlets for their part, would 'graciously' not publish because they fully sense that by not naming a name and family by not saying the name will make all of them look bad collectively .Once more, hiding his name made all religious or at least "shechorim" Jews ( or those who aren't and who have been UTJ supporters on some occasion) look bad.

    Be that as it may have been,
    By process of elimination it was obvious already which MK it was
    Since no way it would have been Gafni or Maklev.
    and very unlikely was Eichler or even Porush
    That left …
    And the media would've implied it
    had it been a [deputy] minister
    That left..

    Hence the gag order was foolish

  3. This whole thing is really sad. It seems like the only one who really cares about him is the estranged aunt almost no one else in the family wants to talk to. Granted, her defenses range from unbelievable ("he's being set up") to silly ("he's not that smart") to depressing ("his grandfather never sees him"), but that's her right at least.

    I hope everyone got the irony of that clip of his Knesset speech.


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