May 6, 2018

arrests in Bet Shemesh has entire city on shpilkes

The big news of the day, so far, is the arrest of 10 people (all from the Haredi political side) in City Hall of Bet Shemesh, including a senior city councilman, top senior advisers and activists. The arrests were for alleged breach of trust, tax evasion, bribery, fraud and general corruption.

Names have been published unofficially, though I generally avoid posting things that are unofficial and not confirmed, so I see no purpose in putting the names here at this point.

Mayor Moshe Abutbol says he has nothing to do with this story and he believes that at least some of them are clean. Haredi news websites are saying that those involved are claiming that the people who snitched to the authorities did so as revenge for not being cut into some deal or for a plan being approved, illegally, against their wishes - suggesting again that all is kosher  as long as nobody says anything.

Things are getting interesting. We will follow developments. Maybe they will all be found innocent and this is the mountain made out of a molehill, or maybe not...

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  1. suggesting again that all is kosher as long as nobody says anything.

    Charedi policy is always to blame the victim. See every sex-abuse case ever.

  2. Aboutbol is a well meaning person, but running a city is probably above his paygrade

    Bet Shemesh needs a competitive candidate to run against

  3. Slach li(Forgive me) My previous comment might be possibly מוציא שם רע or at least Loshon Hora

    Oh,Did that ever stop people?


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