May 6, 2018

extremists protest against opening of police station in Modiin Ilit

I was not aware that Modiin Ilit had any significant problems with extremists. Basically the entire city is borderline litvish extremist, but they don't really seem to have the yerushalmi extremists and the problems with them like we have in Bet Shemesh or they have in parts of Jerusalem. At least it does not make it to the news, more than the occasional tidbit.

It turns out they do, though clearly still far less than in other places.

After a number of problems, a police outpost was recently opened in Modiin Ilit.

The extremists are now protesting this, with protests outside the home of the mayor and by throwing their pashkevils all over the town. They are threatening to step up the protests as well.

The extremists consider it inappropriate for there to be a police station, even a communal station rather than a formal station, to be situated in a Haredi town.
source: Kikar

I am not quite sure what the problem is, though they describe it as bringing down the walls separating between secular and Haredi. Perhaps it is really a protest against having police close enough to arrest them when they make trouble or to stop their protests and attacks against innocent people.

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  1. You know, it's people like you who create Sinat Chinam in Israel. You take certain types of people and lump them with others as "Those Crazies". While no one can deny that there is retards out there, i would hardly label anyone more frummer than me as extreme and radical. Do you understand what they are worried about? Just because we don't see this as a problem does not mean that others may be offended by it.
    Especially as we are holding in Sefirat HaOmer, please hold off on your inciting anger about other Jews.

    1. You know, it's people like you who create Sinat Chinam in Israel.

      Another example of victim* blaming.

      * it's a phrase. I know Rafi's not a victim of this group of extremists.

  2. What are you talking about Anonymous, protesting against a police station is extremist and crazy, I don't think that Rafi is lumping anyone together, just pointing out that there are crazies out in Kiryat Sefer (BTW - the word "retards" is not an appropriate word to use, ever).

    Rafi didn't mention anything about how frum on frei people were, not sure where you got that from (Unless you think that "frumer" means "Crazier" or "More extremist")

  3. the original article labels them as "kitzonim". look at the pictures in the original article that i linked to and you'll see the extremists in this story are from the same group as the extremists in bet shemesh. they might be fewer in number out there, but it seems they are still there and happy to make trouble

  4. What makes the residents of Modiin Ilit “frum”, never mind “frummer”?

    Or, if they are “frum”, I’d happily be Frei.

  5. Rafi, I hope by now you've read about the Peleg children who were burning the Israeli flag in Modiin Illit on Lag Baomer!

    See, for example:


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