May 10, 2018

Tzohar converts non-kosher branch of Aroma to kosher

The new kashrut organization headed by Tzohar has logged a major victory in its ability to persuade a certain branch of the Aroma chain, located in Tel Aviv, to take on the hechsher becoming kosher, after it has always refused to do so in the past. This branch has remained open on shabbos and it has been serving, until now, both meat and dairy dishes. Obviously, as part of its acceptance of Tzohar kashrus, it will close on Shabbos and holidays and convert to serving only dairy dishes.
source: Kipa

Other businesses have taken on Tzohar's kashrut already, but this specifically is a major victory for Tzohar and for kashrut. Perhaps one could say that, with all the controversy surrounding the opening of the Tzohar kashrut division, perhaps the entire enterprise is worth it even if just for this one location that will now be serving kosher food and remain closed on Shabbos - and hopefully they will have many more like it.

I do not know why this branch of Aroma was willing to convert to kosher for Tzohar but they were not willing to do so for the Rabbanut. I would like to hear what changed. I also wait to see the Rabbanut's response to this announcement.

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  1. TA is very political with its relationship to religion. If that makes any sense. I could definitely see why a business owner (I assume Aroma is a franchise) might refuse to work with the Rabbanut, but would work with an independent.

    1. especially an independent that can be perceived as undermining the rabanut.

  2. We are in this world for the purpose of bringing moshiach.That's all .
    There are many (mouthing piousness or.. ) whose goals are..very different
    We have few working in whatever endeavor towards that goal

    1. Who decided that was the goal? What was the goal before Bnei Yisroel demanded a king? Why would that even be a goal?

      And what does that have to do with Aroma or Tzohar?

    2. Glad that now having come out of the closet we all are familiar with whom we are dealing with. Couldn't have said any better.

      You are aware of that most famous jewish equation
      Creation x Revelation = Redemption?

      What are תפילות ראש השנה about?
      What are most תפילות about?

      Just join Hellenism outright already with your cyclical time perception.Go ahead

      What are the נביאים אחרונים primarily about?

      Some of us regularly,even daily, plead י -לתקן עולם במלכות שד

    3. You seem to think that bringing Moshiach is an end, rather than a means to an end. The נביאים spoke of a משיח coming to reestablish the Davidic dynasty. It's just an event that will either herald, or be a part of, the Redemption. It is not the redemption itself.

      Neither half of עלינו mentions משיח.

    4. @Avi, besides the culture to drink hard liquor at their events, this is the other reason that Chabad puts me off.

    5. So one who presumes that 1)This world has a Purpose 2)We haven't reached said purpose 3)It ought to be & is incumbent upon us to bring said purpose about, is Chabad all of a sudden ?!

      Iirc A great Non chassidic Rabbi once put it"Moshiach kumpt nisht,Mir darf areinbrengen"

      And what might that say of you & yours!?

    6. Josh ,
      Are there many other prime aspects of Judaism which also "put you off"?How many?Which?


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