Oct 18, 2018

Degel = Peleg Yerushalmi?

Kikar is reporting that after the court decision last night invalidating Yitzchak Pindros from running for mayor of Elad, Degel Hatorah activists called for protests, and hundreds of yeshiva bochurim went out to do so and even got somewhat violent. Degel activist Moishi Rebber was arrested for calling for the protests. Degel is now threatening to "burn down the city" if Rebber is not immediately released.

The right to protest is a basic human right, and especially living in a democracy, the right to protest is sacred.

That being said, the right to protest does not give anyone the right to get violent.

In addition, the right to protest generally means getting the protest approved and authorized by the police with a permit and planning it in a way that does not disturb public safety.

I never really understood the fighting between Degel and the Peleg Yerushalmi. Unless you just write it off  to being a power struggle, the other possibilities make no sense - not for such hatred and for such a violent division. The hashkafic differences between the two groups are so minor. After all that, Degel now shows that the two groups are even closer than previously thought. Violent protests, threats of violence to release violent activists from prison. I think that unless it is all really just a power struggle for power, money and jobs, they should easily be able to work out their issues and differences and get back together.

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