Oct 25, 2018

Elad continues to entertain

And Elad elections continues to supply the entertainment...

After the failed petition to the Supreme Court to order the elections postponed, the minister tasked with making the decision about the timing of the elections, Tzachi Hanegbi, has decided that the claims are not good enough to justify rescheduling the elections, so they will be held on the original date. Now it is expected that Shas and Degel will petition the Supreme Court again, this time against Hanegbi's decision.

All this instead of spending the last week before elections campaigning for the alternate candidate.

Or perhaps this is the best form of campaigning - riling everyone up so they will have to take a side in this holy war. While before many would have followed the rabbi's instructions in how they vote, many might not have, either out of complacency or having no hope or just not caring. Now, everyone wants to be a part of the fight and voting against Porush will become a mitzva for so many people...

Keep it going Elad.

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