Oct 29, 2018

Jewish People Test Their Judaism Knowledge (video)

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  1. This is really sad - Jews who proudly identify as Jews and claim to have several years Hebrew School education can't name even the most basic facts about Judaism, such as the names of the books in the Torah.

    No idea how widespread this level of ignorance is, but it is very very sad.

  2. But they know Tikun Olam! Although their idea of what's called tikkun might come from The Chronicles of Narnia or Dune.

  3. Sad, it's very sad! Even the questions were sad, i.e., 'denominations'. There is no such thing as denominations in the Torah. These were questions asked by those who have their own interpretations of Judaism and you wonder why there is at least a 70% intermarriage rate, r'l. Woe, woe, woe!

    1. Even Sam and Rowan appear to be a mixed faith couple.


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