Apr 28, 2019

Jonah and the Whale in San Diego

Among the victims of the horrible shooting in the shul in San Diego is an injured 8 year old girl, Noya Dahan, along with her uncle who had been visiting from Israel for the Pesach holiday.

Dahan's family had moved to San Diego from Sderot, looking for some peace and quiet after living under regular rocket attack for so long. There really is not any place more quiet and peaceful than San Diego (until now)... Dahan's uncle, Alon Peretz, was visiting his relatives for the holiday, also from Sderot.

As George Bush said, you can run but you can't hide. If God wants you to live under fire, it will happen no matter where you run to. Every bullet has its address. This twist in the story reminded me somewhat of the story of Jonah trying to run away from God and avoiding having to deal with His message but finding that God follows him with His message wherever he goes. I don't know what God wants from these people, but they must be special. And, San Diego is the home of Sea World with all their whales (and originally Shamu the Whale)...

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