Apr 11, 2019

the need for computerized voting

The Board of Elections is a mess, with counting and recounting and we still do not have final results.

Inconsistencies are showing up, numbers do not match, people are complaining about irregularities with the results of their polling stations (such as numerous votes for arab parties in a few hardcore settlements, polling stations that showed no votes for this or that party when people who voted in those stations claim to have voted for those parties, etc)... A number of parties, not just the New Right, have called for a recount as their final results will be affected by the final totals.

It turns out the Israel will actually land on the moon before the final election results are known!

This election is a good example of the need to switch to some sort of computerized voting system where the results can be tallied quickly and efficiently rather than hand counting millions of paper ballots and tabulating them into a computer.

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