Sep 10, 2020

Quote of the Day

They are making the lockdown intentionally on Rosh Hashana and during the holidays. it is not nice that they want to make the lockdown specifically during the holidays...  
They promised us that they would make arrangements for davening in shuls during the holiday, but they lied to us.

  -- Minister Yaakov Litzman

1. Litzman voted against the lockdown proposals. Deri voted in favor
2. Again, Litzman also locked us down during the holidays (Pesach) when he was Health Minister. The logic is that this is a time when people get together for large extended family meals and events. There is logic to it. When he did it it made sense and was ok, but now it is bad because it is intentionally during the holidays? Yes, it is intentionally during the holidays. It is because of the holidays.
3. Things change every day or two. There is still over a week to Rosh Hashana. Instead of just complaining, Litzman should work on a plan to work something out while keeping people safe. Litzman is part of the Corona Cabinet, after insisting on being included, so he should put together a plan that he thinks can get more people in shul while keeping them safe.

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  1. Litzman accused Bibi of "ruining the holidays." As someone who grew up reading Dr. Seuss in the USA, my first thought was that our Prime Minister is "the Grinch that stole Christmas"

  2. I dont think you can compare a lockdown Pesach time, with all the uncertainty that was in the air at that time, the fear was almost tangible. Now, 6 months later, we see that this is not a very deadly disease - at least for those under 65 years old. To make a lock down now - while allowing sports and protests - begs the question - WHY? and why now? How much do these lock downs help? Where is the science that these lockdowns help ?

    1. I refuse to argue if a lockdown is the right move or not. I have said numerous times that I have no idea. I dont have enough information to make anything even close to an informed decision. I am just asking that if the government decides it must do so, which it seems it has, it should do one for real and not one that is just a lockdown in name but is useless in any other way. we have a night lockdown right now in parts of Bet Shemesh. I drove right through the roadblock without being stopped and asked if why I am leaving is an absolute necessity. So what's the point? this wont help anybody and just frustrates everyone


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