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Jan 27, 2011

Banning Lipa, Ignoring The People

Lipa has upset the Rabbinic Committee For Holy Music and the one for Purity Of The Camp (or whatever they each call themselves).

The same week that Mordechai Ben David ignored their pashkevilim and bans and performed at a concert for women, Lipa came to israel as well to perform in a concert. Lipa performed in Eilat at a mehadrin vacation package for haredim.

They put up pashkevilim saying, in the name of various rabbonim/gedolim, that it is prohibited to listen to the music of "Klipa" Shmelczer because performs in front of mixed crowds, which is a very serious Torah prohibition.. (source: Kikar)

While perhaps it is easier to attack one person for going against them, they are ignoring the fact that at this performance for haredi families it was haredim who choose to sit together as families. Does that mean haredi families are ignoring the education they have received over the years that participation in such events is assur? Does it mean haredi families want to sit mixed, even though it is assur? Does it mean haredi families don't believe it is assur to sit together as a family?

It looks to me like the various committees ought to first be working on teaching the people what is assur and what is muttar (in their opinion obviously)... Either the people have no idea or they reject the askanim's definition of what is and is not allowed.


  1. you know, that's a good point. all these religious singers are performing for religious audiences.

    and at what point can they just decide the ones who aren't listening fall under helitehu v'yamus or similar

  2. It might be that people have figured out it's assur to pay attention to pashkevilim.

  3. I don't think they're ignoring it. They don't make pashkevilin about Macy Gray concerts in Israel. They know it's a Chareidish issue.


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